1. The Seller shall allow the Customer to choose from the following payment methods for the Goods:
  • quick online transfers [Przelewy 24]
  • PayPal
  • BLIK
  • deferred payments

2. All current payment methods available to custumers are also described at and listed each time during order placement process.

3. The availability of each payment method may depend on the delivery method selected by the Customer.

4. After selecting a given payment method when placing an order, the Customer will be redirected to the gateway of the payment provider.

5. The customer is obliged to make payment for the order within 24 hours of its placing. Failure to pay within this time period results in the cancellation of the order.

6. Invoice available on request. If you wish to receive it indicate that while placing an order. The invoice will be send to the e-mail address provided.